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Acrylic Paperweight, Color print
Glass Diamond, Brass Base
Glass, black background, 6"
Glass Diamond, metal base
Acrylic Paperweight, 3" blue
Acrylic 4" Blue Paperweight


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Waterfall Acrylic
Heart Acrylic
Blue Marble Acrylic, Wood Base
Octagon Acrylic
Cross Acrylic
Mountain Peak Acrylic
Eagle Acrylic
Acrylic Heart
Flame Acrylic
Blue Star Acrylic
Flag Acrylic, 7"
Arch Acrylic w/wood base
Clear Star Flag Acrylic
Acrylic arch, rosewood base/side
Acrylic 7" Gray pop-in
Acrylic 7" pop in, Burgundy
Acrylic Paperweight, Red, 4"
Acrylic, Jagged Ice top, black base
Acrylic Octagon, Rosewood base
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